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Spanish language lessons on line!

by Juan Miguel Regueifero, November 21, 2019

Spanish language lessons on line! Lessons via What'sapp (+53 58055781) from Havana, Cuba. METHODS: Arte Final and Laura combined with others used in international language schools. TEACHING TOOLS: Student’s book and Scripts for video sequences. Power Point Presentations to practice and exercise both communicative and grammar skills. Audio tracks containing actual conversations taking place in Cuba and Spain. Video sequences of everyday life in Cuba and Spain. CONTACT...

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Spanish language – Verb To Go

by Juan Miguel Regueifero , May 6, 2017

Hi there! Today I will be talking about a very irregular verb in Spanish language. The verb IR whose equivalent in English is TO GO and in French it is ALLER. When conjugating this verb in the present tense, it dramatically changes from the infinitive form IR to others. You can see below such conjugations: IR - TO GO Yo voy ------ I go Tú vas ------You go Usted va ------You go Él va ------He goes Ella va ------She goes Nosotros vamos ------We go Ustedes van ------You go Ellas v...

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Cuban Food

by Paul Brindamour, April 24, 2017

I live in a town that has a reputation for its fine restaurants from many different nationalities. We have Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Irish, Jamaican, Indian, Venezuelan, Chinese, Thai, and even Tibetan, but we don’t have a Cuban restaurant. In fact, one of the only times that I have had Cuban food at all was in Miami, and that was a number of years ago. Therefore, I didn’t quite know what to expect from Cuban food in Havana. Although I did some research in guide books, Travel sections o...

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Spanish Language – Interrogative Pronouns

by Juan Miguel Regueifero, April 15, 2017

Hi there! today I want to show you some Interrogative Pronouns in Spanish. You can see them below with their equivalents in English and Spanish: ¿QUIÉN? --- Who?-----Qui? ¿POR QUÉ?----Why?--- Pourqoi? ¿CON QUIÉN? ---- Who…with? ---- Avec qui? ¿DÓNDE?---- Where? ---- Où? ¿CUÁNDO?--- When?----- Quand? ¿QUÉ?--- What?---- Que? ¿CÓMO?--- How?------ Comment? ¿CUÁNTO? ---- How much?-----Combien? ¿CUÁNTOS?---- How many?--- Combien? Let’s take a look at this example...

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Cuban Art

by Paul Brindamour, April 15, 2017

Art plays an important role in Cuban culture. When exploring Havana, it is impossible not to come across jazz clubs, street musicians, restaurants with live performances, galleries, monuments, statues and public sculptures on almost every block. So, it wasn’t too surprising that the National Museum of Fine Arts would be such a treasure trove. One of its two buildings, the “Cuban Art” houses an astonishing collection of Cuban art, while the other, the “Universal Art” houses ancient and ...

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