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We are a professional team focused on satisfying your foreign language needs.


Your business can reach a broad, international audience with the professional, precise translations our multi-lingual experts provide.

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Planning a trip to Havana and need a reliable, independent interpreter? Our experienced, confidential personnel are available by the hour or the week for...

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Tour guide

Experience authentic Cuban culture with our personalized, private tours! Our independent, local guides won’t herd you like cattle or show you only what we want you to see.

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Courses we offer


English Language Lessons

By using the method Interchange, one of the most successful among adults and young people (over 18 years), who are learning English as a foreign language. The course is structured in 4 levels.


Spanish language lessons

Spanish language lessons for adults over 18 years. Lessons are taught in Spanish speaking environment, giving priority to the communicative function without neglecting grammar.



It is offered language lessons for one-on-one or a group of 4 students. The classroom, located in Santos Suarez, will have all necessary resources for language teaching. Another option could be at your home...


German language lessons

We deliver German language lessons for levels A1 and A2. Personal goals and interests of students are a taken into account to plan the course, that´s why we use several pedagogical methods.


Robert Dobyns and his wife

Robert Dobyns and his wife · Texas, USA

Juan Miguel is a bright, articulate translator & guide. His English is impeccable and his knowledge of Cuban history, events and destinations was so very helpful to us during our recent stay & top-level meeting with the Commerce Department of...

Gilles Ceralli · Luxembourg

On the 24th of June, 2016, I have visited the school Jose Marti, in Arroyo Naranjo, La Habana, as part of a mission for Handicap International in Cuba. Mr Juan Miguel Regueifero has supported me as an interpreter Spanish-English and contributed signi...

Magela Torres · Gastronomy worker. Havana, Cuba

I´m 27 years old and I work as a waitress in an Old Havana restaurant. I always had problems learning English language despite having studied it for a long time with several teachers. Maybe I wasn´t self-confidence or perhaps the methods were not t...

David Ferreira · Industrial Engineer. Toronto, Canada

I used to think that English language was not for me. Fortunately I met Professor Juan Miguel and soon after that, I understood that my problem was not only the absence of somebody who could teach me, but also the absence of somebody who could teach ...

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Spanish language lessons on line!

by Juan Miguel Regueifero, November 21, 2019

Spanish language lessons on line! Lessons via What'sapp (+53 58055781) from Havana, Cuba. METHODS: Arte Final and Laura combined with others used in international language schools. TEACHING TOOLS: Student’s book and Scripts for video sequences. Power Point Presentations to practice and exercise both communicative and grammar skills. Audio tracks containing actual conversations taking place in Cuba and Spain. Video sequen...

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Spanish language – Verb To Go

by Juan Miguel Regueifero , May 6, 2017

Hi there! Today I will be talking about a very irregular verb in Spanish language. The verb IR whose equivalent in English is TO GO and in French it is ALLER. When conjugating this verb in the present tense, it dramatically changes from the infinitive form IR to others. You can see below such conjugations: IR - TO GO Yo voy ------ I go Tú vas ------You go Usted va ------You go Él va ------He goes Ella va ------She goes Nosotros va...

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Cuban Food

by Paul Brindamour, April 24, 2017

I live in a town that has a reputation for its fine restaurants from many different nationalities. We have Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Irish, Jamaican, Indian, Venezuelan, Chinese, Thai, and even Tibetan, but we don’t have a Cuban restaurant. In fact, one of the only times that I have had Cuban food at all was in Miami, and that was a number of years ago. Therefore, I didn’t quite know what to expect from Cuban food in Havana. Although I d...

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Our team

Juan Miguel Regueifero Fernández
Industrial Engineering and Professor of English Language

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Roberto Quintero de Armas
Economic Engineering in Sea Transport and German Language teacher

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Angel Julio Alvarez Barceló
BA. Russian and German languages

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Tania Rey Núñez
Bachelor of Arts in English Language

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