General information

  • Teacher: Juan Miguel Regueifero Fernández
  • Description:

    By using the method Interchange, one of the most successful among adults and young people (over 18 years), who are learning English as a foreign language. The course is structured in 4 levels.

English Language Lessons (for adults)

Want to brush-up on your English language proficiency before that next big business meeting? Or are you just curious about what all the tourists are saying?

Whatever your motivation, whatever your present skill level, our team at IdiomasCuba can help you learn English using one of the world’s most successful English language courses available: INTERCHANGE. We offer flexible schedules, four mastery Levels (Introductory through Advanced) and a choice of Small Group or Individual instruction to meet your needs.

Each mastery Level, consisting of 16 units, comes with a Student Textbook, Practice Workbook, Lab Guide, Audio/Video Software, as well as other reference material. Upon successful completion of Level 2, students are allowed to participate in our English Language Discussion Group—for free! These groups, composed of six or fewer adult learners, meet weekly to hone their English conversation skills by talking about previously selected topics.

So, let us expand your world! Contact IdiomasCuba today!